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Photo Critique 1: ‘Charlie,’ by Carla B.

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I love critiquing photos. It’s the best way to learn and get new ideas for photo shoots.
Today, we’re going to critique an image made from Carla, a friend of mine in Miami.

'Charlie,' a portrait by Carla in Miami, Florida.

'Charlie,' a portrait by Carla in Miami, Florida.

General Overview:
Carla, first I want to say that you did a great job on this portrait. Considering you only have about two years of experience, you do an outstanding job. I enjoy this portrait because of its relative simplicity. It’s focus is completely on the subject and you captured the subject’s personality quite well, I believe.

You can be very proud of this image.

Overall, I would say there are just a few things I would improve in this image. First, the cast shadow coming from the collar to the t-shirt on the right side of the image. This cast shadow is coming from the right-side light source.

How to fix it? Another light on the left side would help or using a disc reflector to bounce some light and fill in that shadow.

Although I like hard directional lighting, this image might be made better by softening up the shadows on the face, especially the shadows coming from the nose, chin and lips. Again, I think a disc reflector bouncing some light back across the face would have made this image very, very sharp.

One more tip: The left ear is partially exposed. I think I would have burned it in just a little more.

Carla, great job overall. Playing with light is one of the best ways to make more interesting images and build a better portfolio.

Thanks for the submission, good luck and keep shooting!

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Written by jeremyparce

February 17, 2009 at 12:26 am

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