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Archive for April 6th, 2009

Workshops: Volume III

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Here’s a list of photographic workshops/tours that may interest you:

The Mentor Series: The Nikon-sponsored Mentor Series photo treks have featured some of the top names in photography as instructors including Joe McNally, Leslie Bryn Alsheimer and Rob Van Petten.
Nikon pros not only share their secrets but participants get the chance to use Nikon digital cameras and Nikkor lenses.
The following dates are still available as of this posting.

June 10-15: Arches National Park 2009
July 11-18: Denali National Park, Alaska 2009
August 7-9: Montreal 2009
August 14-16: Colorado 2009
September 27-October 7: Egypt 2009.

Check the Website for available dates and for contact information.

Places to Go on the Web – Great Photo Sites Issue 8

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I love photography. Not only do I love to take photographs, I love to talk, teach, and explore photography. I also like to look at great photographs to get ideas on how I can be a better photographer.
If you have any interest in digital photography, then a visit to some of these sites is worth your time. Looking at great photos will help make your own photos better because you can get ideas, tips and see what and how others are photographing their subjects. As your cruise Cyberspace, spend a few minutes looking at these Websites:

David Mendelsohn: Photographer David Mendelsohn’s work reflects his training and career as a professional designer. His client list includes United Airlines, Nikon, Polaroid, GQ, Forbes and IBM.

Rosanne Pennella: Rosanna Pennella has been honored as a “Legend Behind the Lens” by Nikon and is an instructor of travel photography at the International Center of Photography and The New School in NYC. Pennella’s photo career wasn’t her first option: She was an attorney and left her career to travel the world and make images.

Reed Hoffman: With 25-years experience as a photojournalist and freelance photographer, Reed Hoffman has an extensive portfolio of captivating images. Hoffman has twice won the National Press Photographers Association’s Regional Photographer of the Year Award and has complimented his photography with teaching and consulting work.

Photographers You Should Know: Louise Dahl-Wolfe

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Information for this article came from the National Museum of Women in the Arts

Born in 1895 in San Francisco, Louise Dahl-Wolfe’s images helped define the post-World War II look of the American woman.

Mary Jane Russell in Dior Dress, Paris 1950 (Photo Credit: Louise Dahl-Wolfe)

Mary Jane Russell in Dior Dress, Paris 1950 (Photo Credit: Louise Dahl-Wolfe)

She studied at the San Francisco Art Institute where she focused on figure drawing, design and painting. She was introduced to photography at the age of 26 and less than a decade later, she had established herself as a professional photographer. She was married to sculptor Meyer “Mike” Wolfe who often constructed the backgrounds for her photo shoots.

In 1933, she and her husband moved to New York where she worked as a freelance photographer. Dahl-Wolfe was a staff photographer for Harper’s Bazaar magazine from 1936 through 1958. She started working for the magazine out of her respect for the magazine’s editor, Carmel Snow and the fashion editor, Diana Vreeland.

Dahl-Wolfe was given freedom to photograph her subjects in her own particular style, which often blended the traditional fine-art training she received at the Art Institute with the new photographic medium. She created images that juxtaposed her models with famous painting or other artworks to create a neoclassic look.

Famed fashion photographer Richard Avedon lists Dahl-Wolfe as a significant influence on his own photography style.