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Nikon and Carson Kressley Helps People ‘Look Good in Pictures’

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Carson Kressley is known for many things: Fashion designer, noted equestrian, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fashion maven and a style expert helping regular folks “Look Good in Pictures.”
Last fall, Kressley teamed with Nikon USA to help provide tips to help people overcome the anxiety they feel when they see their own pictures. C’mon, we’ve all said it, “THAT’S what I look like?” when we see ourselves in a snapshot. No fear. Kressley is here to help.
Here’s a sample tip from the Q&A section of the Website entitled “Ask Carson:”

Patrick asks…How do you hide a double chin?
Aside from joining the witness relocation program, which just happens to be REALLY inconvenient, there are other ways to hide the dreaded double chin. It’s really important to know your best angle. Some people look better if they are shot a little bit below, some people straight on, and some people from above. For a double chin, I would recommend getting your picture taken with the camera angled downward as it will hide that pesky double chin. Make sure to keep your head titled slightly up when the camera is shooting straight-on.

Great advice and a fairly common question.

Recently, photographer Susan Stripling was interviewed by Nikon podcast host Mark Ellwood about her appearance on the show. To listen to the podcast, click here.

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