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Books for Your Library: ‘The Transparent City’

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Photo books are a great addition to any library. As photographers, we are constantly searching for new ideas and are always interested in seeing concepts-done-well. Here’s a suggestion to add to your library …

Big Brother may not be watching but Michael Wolf might be. Wolf’s work, “The Transparent City” is a fascinating yet oddly spooky project … he was, in effect, a voyeur.
Wolf, a German-born photographer whose work has been largely focused in China, was commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago to photograph the increasing urban footprint of the Chicago metro area. To do so, he focused on the Chicago Loop towers and, in particular, the people in the buildings.

Think of the window as a view onto a stage and you’ll get the idea behind Wolf’s work. Armed with telephoto lenses and high vantage points, Wolf photographed his subjects at work in the buildings.

An interesting work, this book is worth your time and investment.

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