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Books for Your Library: ‘Extreme Birds: The World’s Most Extraordinary and Bizarre Birds’

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Photo books are a great addition to any library. As photographers, we are constantly searching for new ideas and are always interested in seeing concepts-done-well. Here’s a suggestion to add to your library …

The biodiversity found on this planet is too large to fully comprehend. The complex adaptations made by species in order to not only survive, but thrive in the various environments are not only scientifically amazing but also artistically beautiful. Dominic Couzens’ photo essay, “Extreme Birds: The World’s Most Extraordinary and Bizarre Birds,” is a look at birds on the extreme edge of biodiversification.
Couzens states in the book’s introduction, birds are more constrained than other animals by their physiological and physical adaptations for flight and yet are still able to take their bodies and behaviors to amazing extremes. His photo essay documents 150 birds that are unique in the extreme way they live, play and mate.

This is a great book for anyone interested in not only bird photography but any form of wildlife photography. It is available at Amazon.

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