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Nikon and Carson Kressley Helps People ‘Look Good in Pictures’

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Carson Kressley is known for many things: Fashion designer, noted equestrian, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fashion maven and a style expert helping regular folks “Look Good in Pictures.”
Last fall, Kressley teamed with Nikon USA to help provide tips to help people overcome the anxiety they feel when they see their own pictures. C’mon, we’ve all said it, “THAT’S what I look like?” when we see ourselves in a snapshot. No fear. Kressley is here to help.
Here’s a sample tip from the Q&A section of the Website entitled “Ask Carson:”

Patrick asks…How do you hide a double chin?
Aside from joining the witness relocation program, which just happens to be REALLY inconvenient, there are other ways to hide the dreaded double chin. It’s really important to know your best angle. Some people look better if they are shot a little bit below, some people straight on, and some people from above. For a double chin, I would recommend getting your picture taken with the camera angled downward as it will hide that pesky double chin. Make sure to keep your head titled slightly up when the camera is shooting straight-on.

Great advice and a fairly common question.

Recently, photographer Susan Stripling was interviewed by Nikon podcast host Mark Ellwood about her appearance on the show. To listen to the podcast, click here.

Photography with a Focus

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No one returns from an African photo safari without changing their perspective on planet Earth. There’s just something special that happens under the African sun that completely changes the viewer’s worldview.

Enter Focus on Planet Earth, an organization that leads not only photo safaris but also leads the way in which photography – and photographers – can help change the way we view our planet.

Take, for example, an upcoming expedition: A trip in Morocco led by National Geographic photographer Chris Rainier. Those attending the expedition will sleep among the sculpted dunes of the great Sahara desert. They will travel via camel through the desert and drink tea with Berbers.

If a safari doesn’t fit your plans then you still have a chance to see the work produces by the photographers of this organization. The organization hosts special programming at museums and universities across the nation.

Workshops: Volume III

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Here’s a list of photographic workshops/tours that may interest you:

The Mentor Series: The Nikon-sponsored Mentor Series photo treks have featured some of the top names in photography as instructors including Joe McNally, Leslie Bryn Alsheimer and Rob Van Petten.
Nikon pros not only share their secrets but participants get the chance to use Nikon digital cameras and Nikkor lenses.
The following dates are still available as of this posting.

June 10-15: Arches National Park 2009
July 11-18: Denali National Park, Alaska 2009
August 7-9: Montreal 2009
August 14-16: Colorado 2009
September 27-October 7: Egypt 2009.

Check the Website for available dates and for contact information.

Workshops Volume II

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Here’s a list of photographic workshops/tours that may interest you:

Sea Wolf Adventures: The Alaska-based Sea Wolf Adventures offers cruisers a unique opportunity to explore “The Last Frontier.” The following dates are still available as of this posting.
May 21-26: 6 Day Glacier Bay Adventure
July 5-10: 6 Day Glacier Bay Adventure
July 26-31: 6 Day Glacier Bay Adventure
August 2-7: 6 Day Glacier Bay Adventure
August 16-21: 6 Day Glacier Bay Adventure
September 10-19: 10 Day/10 Night Great Bear Rain Forest.
Check the Website for available dates and for contact information.

Workshops @ Bob Korn Imaging: Bob Korn is a master photographic printmaker. His works appear in the Getty Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, and the Smithsonian. His former teaching experience includes working at SUNY-Buffalo, New England School of Photography, Maine Photographic Workshops and the Santa Fe Workshops.
Upcoming workshops include:
April 4-5: Digital Darkroom: The Basics
April 18-19: Digital Darkroom: Beyond the Basics
April 25-26: Digital Darkroom: Fine Art of Digital Photographic Printmaking
May 9-10: Digital Darkroom: Fine Art of Digital Photographic Printmaking
Visit the Website for additional information.

The Maine Media Workshops: The Maine Media Workshops, located in picturesque Rockport, Maine, offers some of the best workshops, certificate and degree programs available.
Upcoming workshops include:
July 19-25: The Wedding Photographer
May 24-May 30: Introductory Digital Photography
June 28-July 4: Introduction to Portraits
July 19-July 25: Photographing Gardens
View the Website for additional workshops and details.

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March 15, 2009 at 8:21 pm

Leica Workshop Scheduled in Delray Beach, Florida

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A workshop with Justin Stailey, Leica’s product specialist will be held March 21 at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre in Delray Beach, Florida. The workshop is hosted by The Palm Beach Photographic Centre, 55 NE Second Ave., Delray Beach, FL.

This workshop will allow for a unique opportunity to learn how to take better pictures with a Leica Rangefiner. Stailey, joined by a Leica representative and the trained staff of The Palm Beach Photographic Centre will give workshop attendees great pointers and share their experience. Attendees will receive hands-on experience with the latest Leica rangefinders and the latest M-lenses.

This workshop is limited in size. For more information, contact The Palm Beach Photographic Centre at 561-276-9797.


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Here’s a list of photographic workshops that may interest you:

John C. Campbell Folk School
March 29-April 4: “Photography Boot Camp”
April 26-May 1: “Nature Photography for Digital Enthusiasts”
June 28-July 4: “Digital Macro Photography”
July 5-10: “Introduction to Photography”

Wilderness Institute
August 28-September 8: “Alaska Adventures 2009”

Barefoot Contessa Photo Adventures
April 2-5: “Savannah, Grand Lady of the South”
April 23-26: “Springtime on the Outer Banks”
May 21-24: “Maine Coast & Lighthouses”
June 12-19: “French Wine Country”