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Photographers You Should Know: Wyatt McSpadden

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Information for this article came from Calumet Website and the Website of Wyatt McSpadden

Texas photographer Wyatt McSpadden’s images are impeccable. It doesn’t matter if he’s shooting in color – which are 10 steps past vibrant – or in black-and-white, his images are a good example of photography done well.

McSpadden’s career began in 1976 and he’s still working on his craft. After leaving his native Texas in 1974 for year to study photography in Sacramento, California, he returned to his hometown of Amarillo in 1975.

Stanley Marsh (Photo Credit: Wyatt McSpadden)

Stanley Marsh (Photo Credit: Wyatt McSpadden)

In an interview with Calumet, McSpadden discussed what sparked his interest in photography. He said, “I got interested in photography and had friends who were into it during high school. After graduating in 1970, I went to work for Stanley Marsh—the guy who commissioned Cadillac Ranch. Stanley’s an eccentric millionaire who had a big home out in the country on lots of land. He had a bunch of hippies working for him out there. He also had kids, lots of animals, and was involved in the creation of various art projects, so he always wanted to have a photographer around. One day circumstances were such that I became the official photographer for Toad Hall (the name Stanley gave to his home and headquarters). That’s what put me in the position to document Cadillac Ranch being built. I was always taking pictures of art projects and all kinds of zany stuff that was going on out there. Later, when I was figuring out what I was going to do with my life (instead of remaining a hippie at Stanley Marsh’s house), I started scouting around for photography schools.”

Photography has also helped him in his personal life. McSpadden is married to a former client – Nancy McMillen, who was the art director at Texas Monthly magazine for 23 years. They had a long-distance romance before McSpadden packed up from Amarillo and moved to Austin.

Currently, McSpadden has a book, Texas BBQ, which is a look at a essential element of the Texas life: Barbecue. He has spent nearly 20 years documenting barbecue, in particular the little family-owned cafes they serve up the fresh (real) BBQ.

Ringing Endorsement of Calumet Photo

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I want to give Calumet Photo in New York City a full (and free) endorsement. I was in NYC recently and went to B&H Photo, Adorama and Calumet looking for a few pieces of equipment I really wanted. While all the shops were good, I was completely and totally impressed with the folks at Calumet. It’s what a real “camera shop” should be.

The NYC shop is located in Manhattan at 22 W. 22nd Street, between 5th and 6th Avenue. For those visiting the city, it’s a nice walk from Times Square. Plus, if you walk down 5th Avenue, you’ll see St. Patrick’s Cathedral (Fifth Avenue between 50th and 51st Street), Rockefeller Center, and all of the high-end fashion stores on the famous avenue.

I suggest the walk. I also suggest a stop at Jamba Juice located at 176 Fifth Avenue, it’s right around the corner from Calumet and it’s a nice place to stop and relax after your walk to the store.

Now I have nothing against Adorama or B&H. These two companies are photo equipment retail giants. B&H in particular has an amazing selection of gear in the store but it’s a little too “Now Serving Customer 3,282” for me. I don’t enjoy feeling like I’m just another guy in a long line of other people waiting to pick up the next item in a long line of items. I don’t expect the whole store to stop and bow to my every needs, but I do like a sense of customer service.

Calumet did just that. Although it was busy both days (yes, I went two days in a row) the sales staff took time to answer my questions and help me find the products I was looking for.

Although Calumet has a Web presence, if you live or are visiting in a city where there’s a retail store, I highly recommend the stop. You’ll be glad you did. Also, if you’re looking for a rental supplier, they have a full line of equipment ready to go at reasonable rates.

Store Locations in the U.S.:
Oak Brook, Illinois
Los Angeles
New York
Santa Ana, California
Santa Barbara
San Diego
San Francisco

Written by jeremyparce

April 8, 2009 at 10:00 am

Calumet and Hasselblad Team up on Sales of Integrated High-end Digital Cameras and Backs

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I will often publish media releases related to photography on this blog in order to help keep you informed. These media releases are created by the respective companies. I edit the releases for space as needed.

Calumet Photographic, with its 29 retail locations across the US and Europe, Internet and direct sales specialists, has become the world-wide leading supplier of digital backs and medium format digital cameras.
Customers have grown to appreciate and respect many of Calumet’s unique advantages, such as skilled and experienced sales associates, a wide range of demo and rental equipment, installation services, and extensive after-sales support.

However, the market has changed significantly in the past two years. Camera platforms and systems have evolved and vigorous price reductions have increased affordability. From Calumet’s perspective, Hasselblad has actively influenced consumers with its decisions and has clearly become the market and technology leader.

For Calumet in the USA, this means an increased focus on distributing Hasselblad high-end products. To this end, all Calumet stores have increased stock levels substantially with demo and rental equipment. Currently, all retail locations offer Hasselblad H3DII cameras with 31-, 39- and 50-megapixel backs in their rental departments.

Jack Showalter, President of Hasselblad USA, and Calumet CEO David Drew are in full agreement that excellent service and high-quality products are essential to generating success. Networking retail stores, rental equipment, demo facilities, and installation services is absolutely key in today’s market.

Written by jeremyparce

March 10, 2009 at 3:30 pm