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Places to Go on the Web – Great Photo Sites Issue 15

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I love photography. Not only do I love to take photographs, I love to talk, teach, and explore photography. I also like to look at great photographs to get ideas on how I can be a better photographer.
If you have any interest in digital photography, then a visit to some of these sites is worth your time. Looking at great photos will help make your own photos better because you can get ideas, tips and see what and how others are photographing their subjects. As your cruise Cyberspace, spend a few minutes looking at these Websites:

Jehad Nga: Jehad Nga’s use of light and shadow is simply amazing. Born in Smith Center, Kansas, he discovered photography while a student at UCLA in 2002. Between 2001-2002, he traveled the Middle East taking medical volunteer positions and eventually trained to be an EMT while interning at Magnum Photos. In 2003, he traveled to Iraq to cover the U.S.-led invasion and in the summer of 2003 he began working in Africa. Since 2004, he has been based in East Africa. His client list includes Marie Claire, Newsweek, Time Magazine and Human Rights Watch.

Chris Rainier: Chris Rainier is considered one of the leading documentary photographers working today. His photography of sacred places and indigenous peoples have appeared in Time, Life, National Geographic publications, Conde Nast Traveler and publications of the International Red Cross. He was included in the American Photo Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People Working in Photography Today” list.

Michele Laurita
: LA-based photographer, cinematographer and director Michele Laurita started in photography more than 10 years ago shooting for music groups and album covers. She has photographed – to name a few – Ben Affleck, Selma Hayek and Nicholas Cage. Her client list includes Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Rolling Stone and Modern Bride.

Photography with a Focus

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No one returns from an African photo safari without changing their perspective on planet Earth. There’s just something special that happens under the African sun that completely changes the viewer’s worldview.

Enter Focus on Planet Earth, an organization that leads not only photo safaris but also leads the way in which photography – and photographers – can help change the way we view our planet.

Take, for example, an upcoming expedition: A trip in Morocco led by National Geographic photographer Chris Rainier. Those attending the expedition will sleep among the sculpted dunes of the great Sahara desert. They will travel via camel through the desert and drink tea with Berbers.

If a safari doesn’t fit your plans then you still have a chance to see the work produces by the photographers of this organization. The organization hosts special programming at museums and universities across the nation.