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Sigma Pro Photographer David FitzSimmons at RTPI

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I will often publish media releases related to photography on this blog in order to help keep you informed. These media releases are created by the respective companies. I edit the releases for space as needed.

Freelance writer, photographer, and Ashland University professor David FitzSimmons will share his visions of nature in an exhibit entitled “Wild Wetlands,” which will be on display from March 7th through April 4th at the Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History in Jamestown, New York.

“Wild Wetlands” is a photographic journey taking a close look at shallow waters and watery lands. A walk through the gallery will allow visitors to envision wetlands like never before—seeing nature through the eyes of Sigma Pro photographer David FitzSimmons. Travel from muddy marshes to vital vernal pools. Frogs, salamanders, turtles, insects, and birds mix with wildflowers, trees, and other wetland plants.

According to FitzSimmons, “It’s an exhibit celebrating how healthy wetlands improve our lives.” These delicate natural areas, when cared for, he says, “provide cleaner water, ecological richness, and natural beauty.” Sixteen framed prints, including three unique round images produced with a circular fisheye lens, comprise the wetlands exhibit. The exhibition is co-sponsored by RTPI and industry-leading photography equipment manufacturer Sigma.

The Ohio-born FitzSimmons will offer a public slide program at 7 p.m. on March 12 in association with the exhibit. The program, entitled, “Ponds and Vernal Pools: Animals, Ecology, and Photography,” will explore the wet and wonderful worlds of ponds and vernal pools, showing secrets of their ecosystems and, according to FitzSimmons, “bringing you face to face with all kinds of interesting wetland inhabitants.” These include speedy dragonflies, dancing salamanders, and toe-biting water bugs. Drawing from work on two pond and vernal pool books, the freelance writer and photographer will stress the importance of experiencing, studying, and conserving these important habitats. David will also address two photography classes at Jamestown High School during his New York visit.

David FitzSimmons publishes international calendars with Barnes & Noble and BrownTrout, writes and photographs for magazines such as Popular Photography & Imaging, is at work on three books, and presents slide shows and lectures around the country, speaking about composition, natural history, and environmental conservation. FitzSimmons recently presented at the North American Nature Photography Association summit in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and later this summer he will conduct a macro photography workshop and open an exhibit at the National Center for Nature Photography. As an assistant professor of English, FitzSimmons incorporates photographs and natural history in his classes at Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio.

For more information on David FitzSimmons’ work in the Sigma Pro photographers program, follow the “Sigma Pros” link at To see more images by David FitzSimmons, please visit

Places to Go on the Web – Great Photo Sites Issue 2

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I love photography. Not only do I love to take photographs, I love to talk, teach, and explore photography. I also like to look at great photographs to get ideas on how I can be a better photographer.
If you have any interest in digital photography, then a visit to some of these sites is worth your time. Looking at great photos will help make your own photos better because you can get ideas, tips and see what and how others are photographing their subjects. As your cruise Cyberspace, spend a few minutes looking at these Websites:

David FitzSimmons: David FitzSimmons is a triple threat: He’s an accomplished photographer, writer, and university professor. His images have appeared on postcards and calendars and his photography and writing have been published in regional magazines such as Ohio Magazine and Natural Ohio as well as international publications such as Popular Photography & Imaging. FitzSimmons is currently at work on two books, Animals of Ohio’s Ponds and Vernal Pools (Kent State University Press, 2010) and Waterfalls of Ohio.

Joe DiMaggio: Joe DiMaggio has worked as a photographer for more than three decades and has been featured in publications such as “Time,” “Life,” “Sports Illustrated,” and “U.S. News and World Report.”
“Time Magazine” named his “Sports Illustrated,” cover, of Cooney vs. Holmes Best Picture of the Year. His talent earned him a coveted invitation to join the International Olympic Games Pool. His gift for advertising photography has netted him a list of Fortune 500 clients and prestigious advertising agencies.

In addition to his talents behind the camera, DiMaggio is also a gifted teacher. He’s been featured on ABC-TV’s “World of Photography” and has hosted episodes of ESPN’s “Canon Photo Safari” with celebrity guests and amateur photographers William Shatner and A.J. Langer. He has lectured to thousands of aspiring photographers in workshops around the world.

Steve Winter: A photographer for National Geographic is the life Steve Winter said he dreamed of as a child growing up in Indiana and a camera, a gift for his seventh birthday from his father, set his life’s ambition into action.

After graduating from the Academy of Art and University of San Francisco, Winter signed on as a photojournalist for Black Star Photo Agency. Since then, he has produced stories for GEO, Time, Newsweek, Fortune, Natural History, Audubon, Business Week, Scientific American, and Stern, among other publications. In 1991, he began shooting for the National Geographic Society, where he has been a contract photographer for National Geographic magazine since 1995.

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