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Places to Go on the Web – Great Photo Sites Issue 10

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I love photography. Not only do I love to take photographs, I love to talk, teach, and explore photography. I also like to look at great photographs to get ideas on how I can be a better photographer.
If you have any interest in digital photography, then a visit to some of these sites is worth your time. Looking at great photos will help make your own photos better because you can get ideas, tips and see what and how others are photographing their subjects. As your cruise Cyberspace, spend a few minutes looking at these Websites:

Walter Astrada: Photojournalist Walter Astrada’s work encompasses violence in Kenya, Violence against women at unrest in the Congo. His images will tear at your heart and represent a body of important photojournalistic work.

Jorge Parra: Miami-based photographer Jorge Parra’s images are a balance of light and imagination. Be sure to visit the “Places & Travel” portfolio.

Michael A. Schwarz: Atlanta-based photographer Michael A. Schwarz is a freelance photographer with more than 25 years’ experience. He has completed more than 6,000 assignments and has been published in USA Today, The New York Times, National Geographic and Forbes, among many other publications. He is also a featured instructor of the Nikon Digital School.