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Books for Your Library: ‘Footprint: Our Landscape in Flux’

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Photo books are a great addition to any library. As photographers, we are constantly searching for new ideas and are always interested in seeing concepts-done-well. Here’s a suggestion to add to your library …

Stuart Franklin’s book, “Footprint: Our Landscape in Flux,” is a classic look at the impact humans have on the environment. The landscapes featured by Franklin, a photographer who also is the current president of the Magnum Agency, documents Europe, which is in the middle of an economic crisis and a growing environmental crisis.
This book brings together images that offer a true testament to the growing environmental challenge that faces the world. The images aren’t “pushy” or “preachy” but offer irrefutable proof that a solution to environmental issues needs to be found.

Franklin, born in 1956 in London, left school at the age of 16 and went on to study photography at the West Surrey College of Art and Design. His photographic career started with work for the Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph Magazine.

In 1989, he took his widely-recognized and acclaimed images of the freedom demonstration in Tianenmen Square, which ended in a massacre. His photo of a lone man defying a tank is an iconic image of that short-lived revolution. Between 1990 and 2004, he photographed about 20 stories for National Geographic Magazine.

In addition to his photographic career, Franklin earned a doctor of philosophy degree in geography from the University of Oxford. He has won the World Press Photo Award, the Tom Hopkinson Award and the Christian Aid Award for Humanitarian Photography.

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