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Books for Your Library: ‘Olympic Portraits’

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Photo books are a great addition to any library. As photographers, we are constantly searching for new ideas and are always interested in seeing concepts-done-well. Here’s a suggestion to add to your library …

If you know nothing about photography you probably still have heard of Annie Leibovitz and probably can recall at least one photograph she has made over the years. Leibovitz is quite possibly the most well-known photographer in the world and for good reason … she’s that good.
You might already know her biography – she started working for Rolling Stone magazine shortly after it launched and by 1973 was named its chief photographer. She photographed John Lennon and Yoko Ono for a Rolling Stone cover some five hours before he was shot by a crazed fan. She photographed the Disney Parks “Year of a Million Dreams” campaign in 2007 and she was Queen Elizabeth II’s official portrait photographer for the Queen’s visit to Virginia.

But her book “Olympic Portraits” is something different. It’s not musicians and actors. It’s not officials and heads of state. The book’s focus is on the athletes prior to the Atlanta Olympics.

Leibovitz doesn’t focus on the fame and action of the athletes. Instead, she focuses on the solitude and almost singular purpose exhibited by these icons of sport. The images are both beautiful and haunting. If you purchase no other photography book, this is THE one to own.

Written by jeremyparce

April 14, 2009 at 7:32 am